John Artzer

John’s unique brand of preaching is fueled by rich revelation. His ability to grasp the complex principles of Scripture and reveal the heart of God points us to Jesus and propels us to our purpose and destiny.


Kirk Chrisman

Kirk functions in-house as a teacher who brings understanding of the word of God to the body of Christ. He offers a fresh perspective about the kingdom of God that reshapes the way we think as Christians.


Allen Clark

Allen’s pastoral heart is evident in both his teaching and his preaching. With much authority, he brings insight and truth that challenges us to new levels in our walk with God.


Lena Jones

Lena teaches with great truth and clarity in order to establish principles that develop both right thinking and right living. Speaking to the potential in all of us, the precepts that she instills are vital for maturity and growth.


E.Z. Jones

E.Z.’s gift of exhortation will encourage you to grab hold of all God has for you. As a man of faith and vision, he has brought healing and strength to generations of believers.


Sabata Pereira

A true intercessor, Sabata ministers with power that flows from his time in the presence of God. With both humor and prophetic insight, he stirs our hearts to desire deeper realms of intimacy and compels us to pursue after the heart of the Father.